Curb-side Glass Pickup


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How can we help?

Williamson County does not allow glass in recycling bins.

And throwing glass in the trash is dumb.


Subscribe to Honeybee and we will recycle your glass bottles and jars for you.

We offer once-monthly and twice-monthly pickup service.

Once you subscribe, we will drop off a bin for you to stash glass between pickups.


$17/month for twice-monthly

$9/month for once-monthly


Why? According to, "Glass produced from recycled glass reduces related air pollution by 20% and related water pollution by 50%.

What? Once or twice per month, a Workerbee will stop by your driveway to collect your glass bottles. Honeybee will provide a heavy-duty storage bin to make everything simple.  


Veteran Responsibility

Honeybee hires veterans and gives back to veterans. There is a veteran employment crisis in America. Together, we can make it better.

Service from those who served.